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2013 Salary Cap Could exceed $123 million

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According to, the salary cap is expected to exceed $123 million, which would mean a rise of $2.4 million from 2012. This also bodes well for the 49ers, who are a projected $2.557 million over the $121.1 million previous projected cap. This would now put the 49ers at around only $657,000 over the cap. […]


A look at Carlos Rogers’ 2 contracts with the 49ers

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With free agency rapidly approaching us, I thought we would take a look back at the various contracts the 49ers have handed out during the Harbaalke era. These won’t necessarily provide deep insight into potential future contracts, but it gives us some numbers to work with in the meantime. Let us start with Carlos Rogers, who […]


RUMOR: Alex Smith deal nearly done

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According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, the 49ers have a trade nearly done with Alex Smith heading to an unnamed team. According to former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, he says the 49ers could of gotten pick 34 or 63 from the Chiefs. Which would give the 49ers 5 of first 93 picks. Also just […]


Who is eligible for extensions and when

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As the 49ers prepare for 2013 free agency, and extend various players to make additional cap room, they will also need to look to 2014 and beyond. The 49ers have quite a few talented young players that are going to be worth extending now or in the near future. They are not able to yet extend players […]


Mike Iupati, Anthony Davis see changes in 2014 base salaries

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Over the course of my salary cap research, I come across all sorts of little tidbits of information related to the 49ers cap picture. Although some news is a lot less significant than other news, it is still pertinent to the bigger picture. When I come across these changes, I’ll be putting together articles looking […]


2013 Cap Cut Candidates: Donte Whitner

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Today we wrap up our six-part series looking at the various cap casualty candidates on the 49ers roster by looking at safety Donte Whitner. Whitner recently earned a $100,000 bonus thanks to his selection to the Pro Bowl this year. Whitner is scheduled for a $4,933,333 cap figure in 2013. That number includes a $3.85 […]