2013 Salary Cap Outlook

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With the recent developments of salary increases and decrease, lets take a look atthe 2013 cap outlook, with the basics.

The 2013 Salary Cap is expected to be $121 million ish, and the 49ers just recently had 2 players hit escalators for 2013, Tarell Brown hit a $2 million escalator, and Donte Whitner hit a $100,000 escalator. They also saw Ahmad Brooks‘ 2013 base salary decreasedown to $2.7 million from $4.3 million. I expect the 49ers to have a $1.25 million credit for Alex Smith not reaching his incentives, along with David Akers $50,000 pro bowl incentive. With those credits, plus the carryover, which is around $1.4M, plus the $1.634M from the cap violations, I have the 49ers at $2.1 million under the cap.

Now the 49ers should be expected to cut ties with Alex Smith, which would save the team between $7.75 million and $9.75 million, depended on whether they cut or trade him. Parys Haralson can be released  and save $2.87 million, while struggling David Akers can be cut and save $3.05 million. There is also the possibility of Jonathan Goodwin being cut to save $4.35 million.

Now the 49ers have the following free agents to be that seem to matter the most.

WR Randy Moss – Will the 49ers want him back, even with his complaint of his role, he is a useful WR, so this is a toss up.

TE Delanie Walker – Walker is inconsistent, and isn’t reliable when needed, so I expect the 49ers to move on, and get some in the draft.

NT Isaac Sopoaga – Do the 49ers value a NT highly, if so then they will try to retain Sopoaga, but will his price tag be too high is the question.

NT Ricky Jean Francois – The most logical choice to replace Sopoaga, he is young, and as good as Sopoaga.

ILB Larry Grant – He is an excellent backup ILB, and ST star, but will he want and command money and a starting spot in free agency?, time will tell for sure.

FS Dashon Goldson – The most logical choice to re-sign long term, but he does have issues with late hits, causing penalties.

Make no matter, the 49ers will be fine salary cap wise, I expect some extensions this offseason, most notably Justin Smith, Donte Whitner, and Tarell Brown are logical choices to help with the cap room.

The 49ers also need to eventually address the following players, who had breakout seasons.

QB Colin Kaepernick – Kaepernick came in for an injured Alex Smith, and shined, and hasn’t given that starting spot up, and has led the team to the super bowl.

WR Michael Crabtree – First WR since Terrell Owens with over a 1,000 yards receiving, and was the main target for Colin Kaepernick.

LG Mike Iupati – He had a All Pro year, and was named to his first Pro Bowl. Must sign to me.

RT Anthony Davis – He had a great year, looked good, especially with Alex Boone next to him.

OLB Aldon Smith – He can’t be extended until the conclusion of the 2013 season, so he is locked up till 2015, if the 49ers pick up his option, which is a given. But the 49ers should look for a long term deal.

CB Chris Culliver – Culliver has turned into a nice CB, and should be a long term answer at CB, with Brown.

Obviously we won’t see all, but it would be nice to see most signed this offseason that are eligible.