49ers lost a tough game, but they lost 2 key players to bad injuries

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While the 49ers weren’t able to go back-to-back super bowls, they did play their hearts out, but in the end result, the loss to Seattle is overshadowed by the loss of two key veterans, and All Pro’s, LG Mike Iupati, and ILB NaVorro Bowman.

Iupati is suspected of having a broken ankle, while Coach Harbaugh said Bowman likely did damage to his ACL. So it will be a long road ahead for those 2 warriors.

This defeat is a bitter one. Clearly the refs blew the Running Into the Kicker, when it should of been Roughing the Kicker, and a automatic 1st down. Which led to a Seahawks TD.

Had that call been the correct call, we may all be waiting 2 weeks for the super bowl, but now we all wait for the long offseason to come. And it only gets longer, since the NFL had a “awesome” idea of moving the NFL Draft back from late April, to early May. Great move Goodell.

Lets also talk about Richard Sherman, aka Punk Sherman, yeah I said it. It’s one thing to be emotional, but when you take it to far, is when it’s over the line. Sherman is usually the one starting the problems. He is always mugging the receivers, and jawing his mouth off.

Lets all hope, as 49ers fans, that Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos shut that piece of garbages mouth up once and for all.

End Rant. See you guys next year.

3 Responses to “49ers lost a tough game, but they lost 2 key players to bad injuries”

  1. Quis103

    it’d be cool 2 c them shut him up…but they shut us up…which has more bottom line…we have no room 2 talk…great season though

  2. Quis103

    btw…let me know if you would like another author on your site or need help with your website…i work in web development…i guess it’s time to update that mock offseason…be interesting 2 c how the game and the progress of the season affect ur mock…#go49ers