Alex Boone, Mike Iupati get 2014 salary raises, Ahmad Brooks sees a decrease for 2014

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Earlier I tweeted out that the following players either saw an increase, or decrease in their 2014 base salaries. I was on mobile, so I wasn’t able to update the website.

But here they are, Alex Boone has his base salary raised from $950,000 to $2 million.

Mike Iupati had his base salary raised from $1,600,500 to $2,770,500.

And lastly Ahmad Brooks saw his base salary drop from $5.15 million to $4.25 million.

I now has the 49ers at $7.371 million under the 2014 salary cap.

  • J M

    Great job with the site. So, I see Carlos Rogers taking a major pay cut or gone….talking like $8 mill down to like $2, still not even sure he’s worth that. Goodwin and Manningham will prob be gone too. Whitner is going to have to give us a major hometown discount or he’s out. Priorities will be to extend Kap, Aldon, Crab, and re-sign Boldin. Kap needs to be signed now or the price will be even more out of control. Start at $15 mill a year for Kap, as high as $18 or $19….if that sounds too high good luck trying to make a deal if he gets to another or actually wins a Super Bowl.

    • JUCJ85

      Thanks bud. Rogers need a pay cut, or be cut, saves $5.105M to cut him. Goodwin and Mario are goners in my opinion. I hope we retain Boldin, and Whitner, I believe we can. Dawson should be an easy signing. Kap I’m hoping is in the $15M a yr range. I would love to get Crabs signed to an extension. Hope it happens asap.