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2014 NFL Draft Analysis: FSs & SSs

Final class lookout, the Safeties(FS and SS).

Lets start with the Free Safeties.

My top guy is Alabama’s Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix, who comes in at 6’1, 209 lbs, and a projected 4.54 40 time.

Clinton-Dix has good size, and good speed. Sure fire tackler, and a dynamic play maker on defense. Only downside is he gets beat on easy routes. But all around great Safety

Next up is Stanford’s Ed Reynolds, coming in at 6’2, 205 lbs, and a projected 4.54 40 time.

Reynolds has good size, good speed, a hard hitter. A good tackler, overall play maker, and turnover machine. Only downside is he gets lost in coverage.

Kansas State’s Ty Zimmerman is next, at 6’1, 203 lbs, and a 4.67 projected 40 time.

Zimmerman is a good tackler, play maker, forces fumbles, turnover machine. Only downside is he isn’t best in coverage, and looks smaller than listed size.

Mississippi State’s Nickoe Whitley is next, at 6’0, 205 lbs, and a projected 40 time of 4.59

Whitley is a good play maker, and good tackler. Downside is he looks smaller than listed size is.

Finally is Arizona State’s Alden Darby, in at 5’10, 190 lbs, and a projected 40 time of 4.50

Dardy is a decent tackler, and hard hitter. He does miss some easy tackles, and gets beat by fast RB, also a small safety.

The final safeties are SS’s.

Stanford’s Jordan Richards, in at 5’11, 208 and a projected 4.59 40 time.

Richards is a good tackler, and good play maker. He is on the smaller size, but too tiny.

LSU’s Craig Loston is next, in at 6’2, and 2015 lbs, no projected 40 time right now.

Loston has good size, and decent speed. Haven’t seen many film on him, can’t give a downside. Looks all around good.

Finally, Florida State’s Lamacrus Joyner, in at 5’8, 195 lbs, and a projected 40 time of 4.52.

Joyner has good speed, and a good tackler. But he a small safety, and not the best in coverage.

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