Salary Cap Notes

QB 7 Colin Kaepernick(2014) – $555,691 SB(14), $100K WK(13-14), $973,766 BS(14)

QB 2 Colt McCoy(2013) – $630K BS(13), $815,625 RB(13)

QB 5 McLeod Bethel-Thompson(2015)- $570K BS(14), and $660K BS(15), $75K RB(14-15)

QB — Blaine Gabbert(2014)- $2,011,587 BS(14)

RB 21 Frank Gore(2014) – $3.3M BS(14), $400K WK(12-14), $2M RB(13-14), $750K RB(14 for 13 active games), also $750,000 NLTBE based on 1625 yards from scrimmage

RB 32 Kendall Hunter(2014) – $109,805 SB(14), $645K BS(14)

RB 23 LaMichael James(2015) – $213,436SB(14-15), $50K WK(14-15), $641,718 BS(14),
$792,577 BS (15)

RB 38 Marcus Lattimore(2016) – $495K BS(14), $585K BS(15), $675K BS(16), $75,146 SB(14-16)

RB 33 Jewel Hampton(2015)- $495K BS(14), and $585K BS(15)

FB 49 Bruce Miller(2014) – $15,613 SB(14), $1.389M BS(14)

FB 44 Alex Debniak ($5k bonus) – $420K BS(14), and $510K BS (15)

FB/RB 24 Anthony Dixon(2013) – $30,150 SB(12-13), $630K BS(13)

FB/DE 48 Will Tukuafu(2014)- $645K BS for 2014

WR 15 Michael Crabtree(2014) – $770,443 SB(14), $500K RB(14), $3.5M BS(14)

WR 81 Anquan Boldin(2015)- $955K BS(14), $5.5M BS(15), $4.545M SB($2,272,500 in 14 and 15), $500K RB(14-15), 2014 base is guaranteed, 2015 $3M is guaranteed for injury only, becomes fully guaranteed on April 1st, 2015

WR 82 Mario Manningham(2013) – $1M SB(12-13), $1.8M BS(13), $1.25M of his 2013 base is guaranteed for injury only

WR 84 Jon Baldwin(2014)- $645K BS(14), $130K WK(14), $775K in NLTBE Incentives for Yards(800), Catches(65), and Play Time(80%)

WR 11 Quinton Patton(2016) – $495K BS(14), $585K BS(15), $675K BS(16), $97,875 SB(14-16)

WR — Brandon Carswell(2014) -, $495K BS(14)

WR 14 Kassim Osgood(2013) – $884,704 BS(13)

WR — DeMarco Sampson(2015)- $495K BS(14), $585K BS(15)

WR – David Reed(2014)- $730K BS(14)

WR 17 Chuck Jacobs(2015)- $420K BS(14), and $510K BS(15)

WR 19 Devon Wylie(2015)- $495K BS(14), and $585K BS(15)

TE 89 Vance McDonald(2016) – $518,599 BS(14), $632,198 BS(15), $795,797 BS(16), $249,396 SB(14-16), $50K WK(14), $100K WK(15-16), his 2014 base salary($518,599) is guaranteed.

TE 85 Vernon Davis(2015) – $1,666,666 SB(14-15), $370K SB(14-15), $31,250 OATSB(14-15), $200K WK(14-15), $400K RB(14-15), $4.7M BS(14), $4.35M BS(15)

TE 88 Garrett Celek(2014) – $2K SB(12-14), $570K BS(14)

TE 46 Derek Carrier(2015)- $495K BS(2015), and $585K BS(2016)

TE/DE 83 Demarcus Dobbs(2014-RFA) – $1.431M Tender(14)

C 59 Jonathan Goodwin(2013) – $666,668 SB(13), $650K INC(12-13),$2.5M BS(13), $1M guaranteed, unknown

C/OG 67 Daniel Kilgore(2017) – $40,075 SB(14), $645K BS(14), $800K BS(15), $900K BS(16), $1M BS(17), $337,500 SB(14-17), $200K RB(15-17), $1.8M in escalators for 2016 and 2017

LG 77 Mike Iupati(2014) – $240K SB(14), $327,863 RB(14), $1,087,500 OPT(14), $2,770,500 BS(14), $46,313 of his 2014 roster bonus is guaranteed if he makes 2014 roster, the rest is broken down into 15 checks of $18,750 each week

LG/C 78 Joe Looney(2015) – $106,301SB(14-15), $570K BS(14), $660K BS(15)

RG 75 Alex Boone (2015) – $340K SB(14-15), $200K RB(14-15), $1M BS(14), $1.2M BS(15), has $1.05M escalator for 2014 and 2015, based on playing time, source says it should kick in for 2014

RG/RT 68 Adam Snyder(2014) – $1M BS(14), $250K SB(14), $50K RB(14)

OG 62 Ryan Seymour(2015)- $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15)

OG 65 Al Netter(2015)- $420K BS(14), and $510K BS(15)

LT 74 Joe Staley(2017), $200K WK(14-17), $500K RB(14-17), $2.7M BS(14), $4.5M BS(15), $5.4M BS(16), $6.25M BS(17)

RT 76 Anthony Davis(2019) – $1M RB(15-19), $1.9M RB(14), $1.5M new SB(14-17), $1.25M annual de-escalators tied into workout attendance, and weight requirement(15-19), $166,666 SB(14), $1.7M OPT(14), $1.845M BS(14), $2.35M BS(15), $2.65M BS(16), $4M BS(17), $5.375M BS(18-19), his 2013 base is guaranteed, his 2014 and 2015 base salaries are guaranteed if on roster on April 1 of each year, and $2.1M of his 2016 base salary is guaranteed if on roster on April 1 2016. He has de-escalators for $750,000 for previous years Playing Time, Workout, and Weight clause requirement, unknown at this time.

OT 71 Jonathan Martin(2015) – $823,933 BS(14), $1,024,400 BS(15)

OT 64 Luke Marquardt ($5k bonus) – $420K BS (14), and $510K BS(15)

OT 69 Carter Bykowski(2015)- $420K BS(14), and $510K BS(15)

DE 95 Tank Carradine(2016) – $579,895 BS(14), $804,789 BS(15), $1,079,684 BS(16), $494,578 SB(14-16), $50K WK(14-16), his 2014 base salary($579,895) is guaranteed.

DE 94 Justin Smith(2015) $3.15M BS(14), $2.65M BS(15), $2,186,666 SB(14), $2,186,668 SB(15), $1.6M RB(14-15), $2M of 2014 BS is guaranteed

DE 91 Ray McDonald(2016) – $1M SB(14-15), $172,794 New SB(14-15), $100K WK(14-15), $608,749 OPT(14-15), $3.5M BS(14), $4.1M BS(15), $1M BS(16), $100K NLTBE for Pro Bowl

DE/NT 63 Tony Jerod-Eddie(2014)- $495K(14)

DE 98 Lawrence Okoye ($3k bonus) – $420K BS (14), and $510K BS(15)

NT/DE 90 Glenn Dorsey(2014)- $2.3M BS(14), $350K WK(14), $1,142,500 SB(14), $500K NLTBE for Playing Time

NT/DE 92 Quinton Dial(2016) – $495K BS(14), $585K BS(15), $675K BS(16), $45,413 SB(14-16)

NT 93 Ian Williams(2015) – $950K BS(14), $1M BS(15), $333,333 SB(14), $333,334 SB(15), $200K RB(15), $50K WK(15)

NT 64 Michael Purcell(2015)- $420K BS(14), and $510K BS(15)

DT — Christian Tupou(2015)- $495K BS(14), $585K BS(15)

OLB 96 Corey Lemonier(2016) – $495K BS(14), $585K BS(15), $675K BS(16), $135,880 SB(14-16)

OLB 55 Ahmad Brooks(2017) – $1.5M SB(14-16), $750K RB(14-17), $100K WK(14-17), $4.25M BS(14), $6M BS(15), $6.5M BS(16), $6.95M BS(17), 2013 BS is guaranteed if on roster on 4/1/13, 2014 BS $4.95M is guaranteed if on roster on 4/1/14. 2014 Base is guaranteed for injury only, becomes fully guaranteed on week 1. New source says he has a $500,000 escalator for playing time, and up to $1.6M de-escalator for sacks, likely 12 sacks, also on Play Time Percentage(93.2%), and 12 Wins by the team in regular season

OLB 99 Aldon Smith(2014) – $2,240,273 SB(14), $2,336,454 BS(14), Deal is fully guaranteed

OLB/ILB 51 Dan Skuta(2014)- $1.3M BS(14), $150K SB(14), $150K RB(14), $50K WK(14), $500K NLTBE based on Playing Time/Pro Bowl, $100K possible escalator for 2014

ILB 52 Patrick Willis(2016) – $750K RB(15-16), $565,250 RB(14), $500K WK(12-16), $421,750 SB(14-16), $5.285M(14), $7.065M BS(15), $7.935M BS(16)

ILB 53 NaVorro Bowman(2018) – $4M BS (14), $4.7M BS(15), $5.85M BS(16), $6.75M BS(17), $8.7M BS(18), $750K RB(14-18), $1.5M SB(14-16), $800K OPT(14-17). 2013 is start 2013 League Year, 2014 is start 2014 league year, 2015 is start of 2015 league year, 2016 $4.17M is guaranteed, fully start of 2016 league year. He has a $500,000 de-escalator for workout participation each year

ILB 57 Michael Wilhoite(2014-EFA)- $$570K Tender(14)

ILB 58 Darius Fleming(2015) – $495K BS (14), and $585K BS (15), $41,200 SB(14-15)

ILB 54 Nick Moody(2016) – $495K BS(14), $585K BS(15), $675K BS(16), $26,918 SB(14-16)

CB 25 Tarell Brown(2013) – $407,312 SB(12-13), $471,875 RB(12), $500K RB(13), $850K BS(12), $925K BS(13)

CB 29 Chris Culliver(2014) – $149,719 SB(14), $1.389M BS(14)

CB 26 Tramaine Brock(2017) – $800K BS(2014), $1.85M BS(2015), $2.7M BS(2016), and $3.1M BS(2017), $3.75M Bonus($750K thru 2017), $320K roster bonuses tied to 46 man active gameday roster(2014-2017), and $130K workout bonuses(2014-2017). He also has his 2015 base guaranteed on April 1st, 2015, and $600K of his 2016 base guaranteed on April 1st of 2016. And incentives of $250K for 60% play time, and $500K for 80% play time, also includes 6 INTs as a possible factor, considered NLTBE

CB 30 Eric Wright(2014)- $855K BS(14), $20K Reporting Bonus(14), and $25K RB for Making Opening day 53 man roster, $20K in NLTBE Incentives for play time

CB — Dax Swanson(2015)- $420K BS(14), and $510K BS(15)

FS/SS 43 Craig Dahl(2015)- $825K BS(14), $1.4M BS(15), $266,666 SB(14), $266,668 SB(15), $175K RB(14), $250K RB(15), $50K WK(14-15), $365K of his 2014 base salary is guaranteed. He has extra $650K in NLTBE incentives for pro bowl, etc…, $400K NLTBE for INT’s/Playoffs, $350K LTBE for Playing Time

FS 35 Eric Reid(2016) – $790,489 BS(14), $1,175,978 BS(15), $1,561,467 BS(16), $1,541,955 SB(14-16), Deal is fully guaranteed

SS/FS 27 C.J. Spillman(2014) – $308,334 SB(14), $25K WK(14), $1.225M BS(14) , $600,000 NLTBE based on Playing Time

SS/FS 41 Raymond Ventrone(2014) – $855K BS(14)

SS — Antoine Bethea(2017)- $1.25M BS(14), $3M BS(15), $4M BS(16), $5.25M BS(17), $1.25M SB(14-17), $400K RB(14-17), $100K WK(14-17), 2014 base is guaranteed fully, 2015 is guaranteed for injury only, becomes guaranteed fully on April, 1, 2015, $250K escalators(15-17), and $250K play time incentive for 2017

SS — D.J. Campbell(2013)- $570,000 BS(14)

PK 9 Phil Dawson(2015)- $1M BS(14), $3.134M BS(15), $1M SB(14-15), $25K NLTBE Incentives

P 4 Andy Lee(2018) – $500K SB(14-16), $25K Possible INC(12-18) for All Pro Honors, $1.9M BS(14) $2.05M BS(15), $2.833M BS(16), $3.433M BS(17), $4.134M BS(18)

P 2 Colton Schmidt(2015)- $420K BS(14), and $510K BS(15)

LS 47 Kevin McDermott ($5k bonus)- $495K BS(14), and $585K BS(15)