Salary Cap Notes

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QB 7 Colin Kaepernick(2020) – $555,691 SB(14), $2.4M new SB(14-18), $100K WK(14), $400K WK(15-20), $2M RB(15-20), $645K BS(14), $12.4M BS(15), $13.9M BS(16), $16.5M BS(17), $17M BS(18), $18.8M BS(19), $21M BS(20), His 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 base salaries are fully guaranteed for injury only, until April 1st of each year, for then they will become fully guaranteed, while 2018 base salary $5.2M is guaranteed for injury only until April 1st, 2018, he has de-escalators worth $2M, and  can void them all in any season by playing 80% of the teams offensive snaps, and either 1. The 49ers appear in the super bowl, or 2. Kaepernick is a 1st or 2nd team All Pro

QB 5 McLeod Bethel-Thompson(2015)- $570K BS(14), and $660K BS(15), $46,875 RB(14), $75K RB (15)

QB 2 Blaine Gabbert(2014)- $2,011,587 BS(14)

QB 18 Kory Faulkner(2016)- $3K SB(Prorated over 3 years), $420K BS(14),  $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16)

QB 1 Josh Johnson(2014)- $730K BS(14)

RB 21 Frank Gore(2014) – $3.3M BS(14), $400K WK(12-14), $2M RB(13-14), $750K RB(14 for 13 active games), also $750,000 NLTBE based on 1625 yards from scrimmage

RB 32 Kendall Hunter(2014) – $109,805 SB(14), $645K BS(14)

RB 23 LaMichael James(2015) – $213,436SB(14-15), $50K WK(14-15), $641,718 BS(14), $792,577 BS(15)

RB 38 Marcus Lattimore(2016) – $420 K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16), $75,146 SB(14-16)

RB 28 Carlos Hyde(2017)- $997,584 SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $537,349 BS(15), $654,698 BS(16), $822,047 BS(17), $50K WK(15), $100K WK(16-17)

RB 33 Jewel Hampton(2015)- $495K BS(14), and $585K BS(15)

FB 49 Bruce Miller(2017) – $645K BS(14), $1.1M BS(15), $1.25M BS(16), $1.45M BS(17),$160K RB(15-17), $40K WK(15-17), $15,613 SB(14), $446,500 new SB(14-17), $200K escalators for making previous years Pro Bowl(15-17)

FB 44 Trey Millard(2017)- $47,148 SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16), $690K BS(17)

FB/DE 48 Will Tukuafu(2014)- $645K BS for 2014

WR 15 Michael Crabtree(2014) – $770,443 SB(14), $500K RB(14), $3.5M BS(14)

WR 81 Anquan Boldin(2015)- $955K BS(14), $5.5M BS(15), $909K SB(14-15), $500K RB(14-15), 2014 base is guaranteed, 2015 $3M is guaranteed for injury only, becomes fully guaranteed on April 1st, 2015

WR 82 Jon Baldwin(2014)- $645K BS(14), $130K WK(14), $775K in NLTBE Incentives for Yards(800), Catches(65), and Play Time(80%)

WR 11 Quinton Patton(2016) – $495K BS(14), $585K BS(15), $675K BS(16), $97,875 SB(14-16)

WR 14 Kassim Osgood(2014) – $955K BS(14), and $20K 1st Game Roster Bonus(14)

WR 13 Stevie Johnson(2016)- $3.65M BS(14), $5.5M BS(15), $5.85M BS(16), $275K WK(14-16), $250K RB(15)

WR 3 Bruce Ellington(2017)- $474,428 SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16), $690K BS(17)

WR 84 Brandon Lloyd(2014)- $955K BS(14), and $50K WK(14)

WR 10 David Reed(2014)- $730K BS(14)

WR 17 Chuck Jacobs(2015)- $420K BS(14), and $510K BS(15)

WR 19 Devon Wylie(2015)- $495K BS(14), and $585K BS(15)

TE 89 Vance McDonald(2016) – $518,599 BS(14), $632,198 BS(15), $795,797 BS(16), $249,396 SB(14-16), $50K WK(14), $100K WK(15-16), his 2014 base salary($518,599) is guaranteed.

TE 85 Vernon Davis(2015) – $1,666,666 SB(14-15), $370K SB(14-15), $31,250 OATSB(14-15), $200K WK(14-15), $400K RB(14-15), $4.7M BS(14), $4.35M BS(15)

TE 88 Garrett Celek(2014) – $2K SB(12-14), $570K BS(14)

TE 46 Derek Carrier(2015)- $495K BS(2015), and $585K BS(2016)

TE 45 Asante Cleveland(2016)- $8K SB(Prorated over 3 years), $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16)

TE — Kevin Greene(2016)- $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16)

TE/DE 83 Demarcus Dobbs(2014) – $1.431M BS(14)

C/OG 67 Daniel Kilgore(2017) – $40,075 SB(14), $645K BS(14), $800K BS(15), $900K BS(16), $1M BS(17), $337,500 SB(14-17), $200K RB(15-17), $1.8M in escalators for 2016 and 2017

C/LG 66 Marcus Martin(2017)- $671,252 SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $525K BS(15), $635K BS(16), $758K BS(17), $20K WK(15-17)

C 63 Dillon Farrell(2016)- $5K SB(Prorated over 3 years),  $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16)

LG 77 Mike Iupati(2014) – $240K SB(14), $327,863 RB(14), $1,087,500 OPT(14), $2,770,500 BS(14), $46,313 of his 2014 roster bonus is guaranteed if he makes 2014 roster, the rest is broken down into 15 checks of $18,750 each week

LG/C 78 Joe Looney(2015) – $106,301SB(14-15), $570K BS(14), $660K BS(15)

RG 75 Alex Boone (2015) – $340K SB(14-15), $200K RB(14-15), $1M BS(14), $1.2M BS(15), has $1.05M escalator for 2014 and 2015, based on playing time, source says it should kick in for 2014

RG/RT 68 Adam Snyder(2014) – $1M BS(14), $250K SB(14), $50K RB(14)

OG 62 Ryan Seymour(2015)- $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15)

OG 64 Fou Fonati(2016)- $5K SB(Prorated over 3 years), $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16)

OG/OT 60 Brandon Thomas(2017)- $506,016 SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16), 7000K BS(17)

LT 74 Joe Staley(2017), $200K WK(14-17), $500K RB(14-17), $2.7M BS(14), $4.5M BS(15), $5.4M BS(16), $6.25M BS(17)

RT 76 Anthony Davis(2019) – $1M RB(15-19), $1.9M RB(14), $1.5M new SB(14-17), $1.25M annual de-escalators tied into workout attendance, and weight requirement(15-19), $166,666 SB(14), $1.7M OPT(14), $1.845M BS(14), $2.35M BS(15), $2.65M BS(16), $4M BS(17), $5.375M BS(18-19), his 2013 base is guaranteed, his 2014 and 2015 base salaries are guaranteed if on roster on April 1 of each year, and $2.1M of his 2016 base salary is guaranteed if on roster on April 1 2016. He has de-escalators for $750,000 for previous years Playing Time, Workout, and Weight clause requirement, unknown at this time.

OT 71 Jonathan Martin(2015) – $823,933 BS(14), $1,024,400 BS(15)

OT 61 Luke Marquardt ($5k bonus) – $420K BS (14), and $510K BS(15)

OT 69 Carter Bykowski(2015)- $420K BS(14), and $510K BS(15)

DE 95 Tank Carradine(2016) – $579,895 BS(14), $804,789 BS(15), $1,079,684 BS(16), $494,578 SB(14-16), $50K WK(14-16), his 2014 base salary($579,895) is guaranteed.

DE 94 Justin Smith(2015) $3.15M BS(14), $2.65M BS(15), $2,186,666 SB(14), $2,186,668 SB(15), $1.6M RB(14-15), $2M of 2014 BS is guaranteed

DE 91 Ray McDonald(2016) – $1M SB(14-15), $172,794 New SB(14-15), $100K WK(14-15), $608,749 OPT(14-15), $3.5M BS(14), $4.1M BS(15), $1M BS(16), $100K NLTBE for Pro Bowl

DE/NT 63 Tony Jerod-Eddie(2014)- $495K(14)

DE 98 Lawrence Okoye ($3k bonus) – $420K BS (14), and $510K BS(15)

DE 60 Kaleb Ramsey(2017)- $48,200 SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16), $690K BS(17)

NT/DE 90 Glenn Dorsey(2014)- $2.3M BS(14), $350K WK(14), $1,142,500 SB(14), $500K NLTBE for Playing Time

NT/DE 92 Quinton Dial(2016) – $495K BS(14), $585K BS(15), $675K BS(16), $45,413 SB(14-16)

NT 93 Ian Williams(2015) – $950K BS(14), $1M BS(15), $333,333 SB(14), $333,334 SB(15), $200K RB(15), $50K WK(15)

NT 64 Michael Purcell(2015)- $420K BS(14), and $510K BS(15)

OLB 96 Corey Lemonier(2016) – $495K BS(14), $585K BS(15), $675K BS(16), $135,880 SB(14-16)

OLB 55 Ahmad Brooks(2017) – $1.5M SB(14-16), $750K RB(14-17), $100K WK(14-17), $4.25M BS(14), $6M BS(15), $6.5M BS(16), $6.95M BS(17), 2013 BS is guaranteed if on roster on 4/1/13, 2014 BS $4.95M is guaranteed if on roster on 4/1/14. 2014 Base is guaranteed for injury only, becomes fully guaranteed on week 1. New source says he has a $500,000 escalator for playing time, and up to $1.6M de-escalator for sacks, likely 12 sacks, also on Play Time Percentage(93.2%), and 12 Wins by the team in regular season

OLB 99 Aldon Smith(2015) – $2,240,273 SB(14), $2,336,454 BS(14), Deal is fully guaranteed, had his 2015 option picked up for $9.754M, guaranteed for injury only until the 1st day of the 2015 league year, when it becomes fully guaranteed

OLB  — Chase Thomas(2015)- $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15)

OLB/DE 59 Aaron Lynch(2017)- $198K SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16), $690K BS(17)

OLB/ILB 51 Dan Skuta(2014)- $1.3M BS(14), $150K SB(14), $150K RB(14), $50K WK(14), $500K NLTBE based on Playing Time/Pro Bowl, $100K possible escalator for 2014

ILB 52 Patrick Willis(2016) – $750K RB(15-16), $565,250 RB(14), $500K WK(12-16), $421,750 SB(14-16), $5.285M(14), $7.065M BS(15), $7.935M BS(16)

ILB 53 NaVorro Bowman(2018) – $730K BS (14), $4.7M BS(15), $5.85M BS(16), $6.75M BS(17), $8.7M BS(18), $750K RB(14-18), $1.5M SB(14-16), $800K OPT(14-17), new $654,000 SB(14-18), 2013 is start 2013 League Year, 2014 is start 2014 league year, 2015 is start of 2015 league year, 2016 $4.17M is guaranteed, fully start of 2016 league year. He has a $500,000 de-escalator for workout participation each year

ILB 57 Michael Wilhoite(2014)- $570K BS(14)

ILB 50 Chris Borland(2017)- $617,436 SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $530K BS(15), $620K BS(16), $710K BS(17), $10K WK(15-17)

ILB 54 Nick Moody(2016) – $495K BS(14), $585K BS(15), $675K BS(16), $26,918 SB(14-16)

ILB 44 Shayne Skov(2016)- $7,500 SB(Prorated over 3 years), plus $2,500 of his 2014 base is guaranteed, $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16)

ILB/OLB — Blake Costanzo(2014)-

CB 29 Chris Culliver(2014) – $149,719 SB(14), $1.431M BS(14)

CB 26 Tramaine Brock(2017) – $800K BS(2014), $1.85M BS(2015), $2.7M BS(2016), and $3.1M BS(2017), $3.75M Bonus($750K thru 2017), $320K roster bonuses tied to 46 man active gameday roster(2014-2017), and $130K workout bonuses(2014-2017). He also has his 2015 base guaranteed on April 1st, 2015, and $600K of his 2016 base guaranteed on April 1st of 2016. And incentives of $250K for 60% play time, and $500K for 80% play time, also includes 6 INTs as a possible factor, considered NLTBE

CB 30 Eric Wright(2014)- $855K BS(14), $20K Reporting Bonus(14), and $25K RB for Making Opening day 53 man roster, $20K in NLTBE Incentives for play time

CB 22 Chris Cook(2014)- $730K BS(14)

CB 20 Perrish Cox(2014)- $645K BS(14), $10K SB(14), and $40K WK(14)

CB 36 Dontae Johnson(2017)- $400,540 SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16), $690K BS(17)

CB 38 Kenneth Acker(2017)- $120,600 SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(15), $690K BS(17)

CB  31 Keith Reaser(2017)- $164,800 SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16), $690K BS(17)

FS/SS 43 Craig Dahl(2015)- $825K BS(14), $1.4M BS(15), $266,666 SB(14), $266,668 SB(15), $175K RB(14), $250K RB(15), $50K WK(14-15), $365K of his 2014 base salary is guaranteed. He has extra $650K in NLTBE incentives for pro bowl, etc…, $400K NLTBE for INT’s/Playoffs, $350K LTBE for Playing Time

FS 35 Eric Reid(2016) – $790,489 BS(14), $1,175,978 BS(15), $1,561,467 BS(16), $1,541,955 SB(14-16), Deal is fully guaranteed

SS/FS 27 C.J. Spillman(2014) – $308,334 SB(14), $25K WK(14), $1.225M BS(14) , $600,000 NLTBE based on Playing Time

SS/FS 41 Raymond Ventrone(2014) – $855K BS(14)

SS 24 Antoine Bethea(2017)- $1.25M BS(14), $3M BS(15), $4M BS(16), $5.25M BS(17), $1.25M SB(14-17), $400K RB(14-17), $100K WK(14-17), 2014 base is guaranteed fully, 2015 is guaranteed for injury only, becomes guaranteed fully on April, 1, 2015, $250K escalators(15-17), and $250K play time incentive for 2017

SS/CB 25 Jimmie Ward(2017)- $3,492,748 SB(Prorated over 4 years), $420K BS(14), $734,296 BS(15), $1,066,592 BS(16), $690K BS(17), $677,390 RB(17), $22,500 WK(17)

SS 45 D.J. Campbell(2013)- $570,000 BS(14)

S 46 James McCray(2016)- $6K SB(Prorated over 3 years), $420K BS(14), $510K BS(15), $600K BS(16)

PK 9 Phil Dawson(2015)- $1M BS(14), $3.134M BS(15), $1M SB(14-15), $25K NLTBE Incentives

P 4 Andy Lee(2018) – $500K SB(14-16), $25K Possible INC(12-18) for All Pro Honors, $1.9M BS(14) $2.05M BS(15), $2.833M BS(16), $3.433M BS(17), $4.134M BS(18)

P 6 Colton Schmidt(2015)- $420K BS(14), and $510K BS(15)

LS 47 Kevin McDermott ($5k bonus)- $495K BS(14), and $585K BS(15)